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When it comes to high quality tea leaves, Orthodox Assam tea leaves are the best in terms of taste and aroma over other tea leaf forms like CTC....

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Green tea is believed to be the potion that aids in weight loss with regular consumption...

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Summer is here. But can we stop drinking tea? NO! So let’s try some iced tea preparations using green tea leaves: ...

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While the discovery of tea is accidental, its medicinal properties, however, are grounded in fact. ...

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Halmira Premium Green Leaf Tea contains highest quality Assam green tea leaves. Read now to know the health benefits of drinking 2-3 cups of green tea daily....

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Did you even know that green tea leaves could provide these benefit to your skin? Read the write-up to know more about the secret green tea benefits for the ski...

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Green Tea and regular workouts are a great combination for losing weight. Buy Assam Green Tea from Halmira for a heavenly taste and great health benefits....

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Buy Online best quality loose leaf green tea & organic green tea leaves delivered at your doorstep....

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