20 Nov

Web self-service: Know how it benefits a business and its customers!

Web self- service is a type of electronic support, which allows the customers and agents to access information. It enables them to performs tasks over the internet, without any other interference from another agent in a customer support center.

Web self-service systems employed for implementing this service provide a way to balance these competing demands while enhancing the customer experience.

15 Nov

Live chat and bots for websites: A surprise from Facebook messenger!

Just when you thought live chat couldn’t get any better, Facebook introduces the most astonishing integration you could ever imagine! The social media giant finally brings live chat and bots for websites. Facebook Messenger now has a plugin named ‘Customer Chat’ that allows the website visitors engage in live chat with a human or bot without leaving that website. In other words, the visitors can now begin a chat on the website and continue it on the messenger.

13 Nov

Here’s how a live chat support accelerates your business revenues!

How powerful is a live chat support? Let us explain it in the easiest way possible!

Imagine you are in a store, intending to get an i-phone for yourself which you had been planning for months. Finally, you have gathered the courage for the big deal. You stand there, looking at it, boxing off your enlightened thoughts on how that money, with which you are pampering yourself could go towards the house, car, or kids.

6 Nov


A customer feedback survey can transform all the departments of your business provided that it is done the right way. From the product team to the marketing team to the customer support team, everything can be improvised so as to boost your brand’s success. However, if you fail to survey the customers appropriately, all your surveying efforts are rendered futile.