A beautiful display of all the available styles mounted on a rich velour rainbow. ...

In the past a trained eyes was needed to tell a fake from the real thing, as the ...

Wedding band manufacturers use these machines, lathes, and diamond tools. They add sparkle to jewelry, rings, gold and silver charms. ...

Wedding band manufacturers Diamond facet or cut wedding bands using these machines, lathes, and diamond tools. They add sparkle tojewelry, rings, gold and ...

These medias are also used for removal of investment and oxides, rust or fire scale, or for deburring and smoothing rough surfaces. Used extensively for ...

Jewelry wire gauge is a measure of the diameter or gauge of wire used in jewelry manufacture. Wire is a single, usually cylindrical, elongated strand of drawn m...

Making Jewelry requires Silicon carbide, fine grit coated on "no-lapping" cloth bands. Ideal for deburring, removing excess metal scratches, as well as polishin...

We are exports in jewelry abrasives, jewelry polishing supplies, satin finish wheel, jewelers flexible, abrasive paper, polishing wheel. ...



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