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For years, I walked in shame over my past choices. I never had any self-confidence or even knew who I was–I just survived. Even though I was in and out of chu...

1impacminist2019-01-110Business 00

God’s way of success always starts inwardly, in the heart. Whenever we attempt to change life-long patterns, we must accept that it’s more than just....

2impacminist2019-01-090Social 00

Every new year brings about a new resolve to achieve the same, unmet goals from the year prior, only to quit again when the effort outweighs......

1impacminist2019-01-090Social 00

Whatever your imagining… Connecting with God in a deeper way, Healed Relationships, Job Promotions, Financial Gains, Family Investment, Limitless Living......

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Millions of times a day we’re making decisions, many of which are automated based on the internal logic of our bodies.  A smaller portion is......




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