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Every architecture student have his / her own lifestyle. An architecture student have an entire changed life from every other field....

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Scale is referred as the ratio of the size of the object to the actual size of the object. Scale in architecture gives the actual size or dimension ...

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Use of texture in architecture - Texture is the property, sensation, and feel of the objects received through a sense of touch and vision....

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Here is a list of top 10 most important architecture books which every architecture student must read and follow....

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Form active structure are those active structures in which loads are taken by the form or the shape of the structure....

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Therefore color is an important element of design as well as visual arts and plays an important role in Architecture. ...

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Colors in Architecture concept for exterior façade depends upon the whether the building should merge with surrounding or it should be isolated with the surrou...

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Whether you’re building your first home or you’re designing a commercial building, energy efficiency buildings design is a huge must for all architectural d...

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