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Using blockchain technology in fintech sector can be advantageous in many ways, like it can assist cross-border payments, impact share trading, and many more wa...

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Mobile applications and smartphone programming offer scope to contact IoT-enabled devices....

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Phenotypic Screening has been the stepping stone for the discovery of new drugs before the advent of molecular biology!...

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The IBM Exploration with Watson has incorporated artificial intelligence to prognosticate the potential for gold mineralization....

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Nowadays, IoT has not that much presence in the automobile industry as compared to other industries....

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According to a news report, the search giant Google plans to enhance the workforce to 13,000 at Hyderabad by 2019, the most significant headcount outside the US...

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Cybersecurity solution providers are moving away from legacy structures of offering security solutions and are innovating themselves in the best way possible. ...

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Gene therapy guarantees to transform medicine by treating the causes of disease rather than the manifestations....



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