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Stupas are hemispherical dome-like burial structures that consist in the remains of the deceased bodies of Buddhist monks......

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A cluster of 8 states that form the eastern most region of India is a magnificent oasis for travel lovers. with cascading waterfalls, iconic national parks and ...

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India experiences tropical climatic conditions where the summer months are extremely hot and sweltering......

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Gujarat is known for being home to an age-old yet vibrant heritage whose presence can be felt even to present day. ...

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I am a Buddhist and i have experience by studying at the Lam Rim and the Kalachakra along with other teachings with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. ...

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The picturesque village of Kharsali is situated amongst the grand, peaceful and majestic mountains of Garhwal Himalayas. ...

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Many who embark on the pilgrimage to pray at Yamunotri Temple do not explore the many other attractions in its vicinity....

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As summer approaches, people gravitate towards the beaches, with an aim of adoring the relatively pleasant beach weather, the soft sand and to calm off in the s...




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