20 Feb

Is engine braking more fuel efficient than coasting in neutral?

Do you ask this question to yourself again and again that which car technique will relieve you of the huge fuel bills- engine braking or coasting in neutral? Also, which among these two will help you maintain a constant speed on the road? While most of the drivers feel that driving in neutral is the idle way of maximizing the fuel economy, but the truth is that the coin is much shinier on the other side.

13 Jan

What are the Symptoms of a Bad Crankshaft Harmonic Balancer?

There are harmonic vibrations caused when the crankshaft rotates and the speed of the vehicle escalates. These vibrations at high engine speeds can negatively impact transmission and its corresponding components and can ultimately cause catastrophic engine failures. Without proper attention, this can lead to multiple vehicle component failures which can be extremely heavy to your pockets.

7 Dec

You can make out an antifreeze leak through its color

An antifreeze leak does not happen with an advance notice or on a due date, it can happen at any point within the vehicle’s cooling system. You can usually spot an antifreeze leak while it drips from under the car, or is spurting from the part responsible for the leakage. An antifreeze leak is easy to detect through its dark color. Following are the potential reasons which can cause an antifreeze leak, put together by the experts of the top Hyundai Car Parts dealer.