12 Sep

Cloudshope Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Technoreseller

We are One of the leading toll-free service providers in India. We provide you easy and affordable toll-free numbers to engage the customers in your services. Other than toll-free numbers we also provide IVR, missed call service, bulk SMS and bulk voice calls. We look forward for developing a cloud telephony network which is reachable to every business. We work to deliver quality services at reasonable rates.

11 Sep

Maximising our Clients Performance Through SMS Campaign Marketing – One Contact

SMS campaign has become one of the key marketing strategies in many business houses in New Zealand. Many customers prefer SMS as the communication channel due to its ability to connect customers and supporters any time. One Contact in New Zealand prefers and assures to integrate SMS platform to maximise our client’s campaigns performance.

30 Aug

New career opportunities with special efforts

You have succeed the arduous interview process and successfully put down that new position. Starting up a new opportunity is shaking up however makes even the highly experienced professionals a little anxious in the new environment. You aware there are assignments to carry out and fresh relationships to build, however, most significantly you want to prove that you can get the job done.