20 Nov

Analyzing the response to Medical Emergencies

We live in a country that is surging ahead in terms of economic growth, while surging ahead fast in our busy lives, we come across varied type of emergencies and we respond to them in weird manner, as most of us are not prepared for it and don’t know what to do in such an emergency situation, the problem lies with our education system, where we are never taught on how to respond to emergencies?

17 Nov

Career options in Medical Affairs

The role of the Medical Affairs (MA) function is to educate stakeholders through the delivery of accurate, complete, and unbiased information that supports a product. MA activities must comply with federal, industry, and company regulatory policy and are not designed to “promote” a product or substitute for Sales and Marketing practices. All materials distributed through the activities of MA should be reviewed for compliance with existing regulatory policies.

16 Nov

Secrets of top performing healthcare professionals

As a healthcare leader, you are the face of the organization. All things you do or express in words are under increased scrutiny internally and externally. Your actions, your conduct and personality set the tone for the entire organization. Not only is every employee looking to you as the most public saying of the company’s vision, therefore is the community. Head or lead accordingly, only by example can your vision be properly understood and finally swept up.

14 Nov

Clinical Data Management and CDISC standards

Many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are working on the development of new drugs, compounds and devices for betterment of human health and increase the quality of life globally. This process of drug development and discovery when reaches the stage of testing in human volunteers involves people from various specialty and varied background. Final goal of any human trial is to be able to investigate the safety and efficacy of the investigative compound or device in human subjects within

14 Nov

Common Diseases in Winter Season

A majority of the winter ailments occur due to a weak immune system and flagging health. A strong immune system can not only shield the body against common ailments and infections but also ward off other, more serious disorders and diseases. The immune system can be kept healthy by eating good, healthy food. A balanced meal can help a person keep fit. Taking plenty of rest and exposing the body to adequate sunlight can also improve immunity.

10 Nov

How to choose the right recruitment agency partner

With the inception of job sites/job portals, have simplified the process of job search and also the process of job hunt has become much faster and easier. Those days are gone, like, where the job seeker’s, had to carry with around a folder with all their certificates to employers while finding for job opportunities. In today’s global world, the job sites/job portals have almost become an essential part of every job seeker’s/employer’s life in terms of finding for better opportunities

10 Nov

Small scale particles – Improving Vaccination

The presence of additional additives in vaccines creates bad reputation among its users, as most of the people think they are useless compounds within any medicinal product. This is a misconception since these additives have a vital impact on the success of any vaccination. In few cases, single dose of vaccination would be sufficient for registering life-long immunity.

7 Nov

Planning for Hiring: Healthcare

Framing questions for interviews is the main part of medical profession. Formulating questions with the expertise and personality of ideal resource in mind will assist make you an ideal decision? To look out the resource best fitted for your organization, you should frame questions that will call forth both informative and useful replies from your job seeker; it’s like: