22 Feb

Follow simple steps to provide great patients service

When patients talk about what they see as a good experience at medical centre, the doctor’s diagnosis of their problem may be less of a factor than whether the waiting hall seating provisions are well off. Therefore, medical practitioners are well suggested that when it comes to keeping patients satisfied, they look at the whole patient experience:

22 Feb

Know your right career path | HarNeedi

You got that new career opportunity with special effort and you are ready to make a positive touch at your new company however before you start, it is highly important for you have an elaborate, strong and systematic plan of action. Your further success relies on it. This week update provides our readers with few tips to ensure this new begin in your career start off in the right path.

22 Feb

Time to Beat the Heat: It’s Summer Again

Its summer time again time for you to heat up for at least next three months till the monsoons arrive to cool you down. Although this season really doesn’t affect too much to those who live in air-conditioned homes, travel in air-conditioned cars, and work in air-conditioned workplaces, yet almost all of us sweat and suffer this season especially the common man sweats it out hard in this scotching hot climate.

19 Feb

Follow these exercises during pregnancy

Women can improve muscular strength, which is especially good preparation for carrying a baby and by developing upper body strength and abdominal muscles helps to overcome the forward pull of the growing baby’s weight. Women who travel long distances, have sedentary jobs should especially be encouraged to carry out frequent foot and ankle circling out for 30 seconds regularly.

19 Feb

Sustainable Growth of Indian Healthcare Industries

Indian healthcare industry is on a robust growth curve with enormous scope for investing in new specialty/multi specialty hospitals (or) expansion of existing facilities in recent days and installation of advanced equipments/technology up gradation. According to industry experts, definitely these factors will enable healthcare players to serve the increasing patient population to access qualitative diagnosis and treatment at affordable price models.

19 Feb

Few tips to minimize failures of Regulatory audits

Biopharma companies should consider their method of preparation for audit and carry out activities as a highly important project and give it the same importance as other key regulatory and abidance projects. The regulatory abidance procedures are progressively becoming origin of strategic advantage for biopharma companies and accordingly, the projects and process driven by abidance call for more strategic lens through which to lead, design and which to manage.

15 Feb

Functions of state, central drug authorities of India

Under the Drug and Cosmetics Act, the regulation of manufacture, sale and distribution of Drugs is primarily the concern of the State authorities while the Central Authorities are responsible for approval of New Drugs, Clinical Trials in the country, laying down the standards for Drugs, control over the quality of imported Drugs, coordination of the activities of State Drug Control Organizations and providing expert advice with a view of bring about the uniformity in the enforcement of the Drugs

9 Feb

Clear vision of India’s Sluggish Healthcare system

The new National Health Policy (2017) released last week presents a clear vision of how India’s sluggish health system can be galvan ised to deliver health and well-being to all by 2030, to meet the Sustainable Development Goal on health. The real challenge lies in its operational amplification and effective implementation which call for cementing consensus, catalysing commitment and channelling close coordination for steering Centre and the States together to deliver on this vision.

29 Jan

The discovery of the vitamin types

Vitamins are organic compounds required by living organisms in smaller amounts as a vital nutritive in order to perform the processes of life. Vitamins supplied from food, as the living things either doesn’t develop of them or none at all. An organic compound that contains carbon molecule when a living thing cannot develop sufficient amounts of an organic chemical compound and it has to derive from food is known as a “Vitamin”; are classified by their biological and chemical activity.